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Shopping with PHP

My recent work:

Is a new function providing an interactive option ie. and buttons for handling baskets for online retail stores while shopping in between both "Signed in Status" and "NOT Signed in Status".

The objective is not only to eliminate the frustrations of my online-shopping experience that I have had... "not being able to merge my items together prior to checkout!"; it also provides "flexibilitiy" for users! That's all it does.

This option is not yet found and utilized by online retail stores (at least on several of my favourite online stores anyway and I only have five stores I have ordered stuff from). For full description and run a "test-run" on the core function (Merging Mechanism), follow the link below:

URL : https://www.gsunit.com/demos/CMS/eComm/v2/test-scenenario-v2.php
(How Merging Mechanism works & How to test the Core Function).

URL: https://www.gsunit.com/demos/CMS/eComm/v2/ (Testing page)
Please note: the above testing site is none responsive design. To run the test, use your PC instead

If you have tested the core function, let me know your thought please? Thank you for your time.

Kindest Regards

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