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Welcome to my presentation website!
My name is Sam Ruos. I'm a programmer, web and database designer, 3D artist and musician/writer. Due to the "pandemic" I finally, finally, finally have my website up and running. Thanks to the Covid-19!
"Usually, builders get to build everyone else's homes but none for him/herself... due to? The lack of time". Have you ever come across anyone?

GSUnit is translated to Groove Satisfactory Unit. The name or buzz-name derived from a musical corner of my recreational life and activities. Music is my passion. And musicology is my temple. Do I have a temple? What I meant is "my soft spot". Music has tought me to:

"Be simple and be supportive..."

"Be responsible with my own actions..."

"Settle for less (notes that are beautiful) instead of more (notes that don't resonate their beauty)"

"Be sure to play wrong notes right...?"

And more...

A groove is of rhythmical element. The word "groove" came about, circa 1920. How best to explain it? It's a sort of feel created by musicians in either 1/4 or 2/4 or 3/4 or 4/4 and in many other complex time signatures. A rhythmic pattern, which folks can dance to (note: there are folks who dance to melody rather than rhythm/beat/groove. A quote by Professor YOËL).

Typical example in the jazz era is "swing". Remember?

"It don't mean a thang if you ain't got that swing... Chu-wap chu-wap chu-wap chu-wap chu-wap chu-wap pap"
[Duke Ellington @ 1943]

But you see, what professionals have missed to mention is, when you have a groove, you also need a pocket; a pocket to hold the groove in. And that pocket you have, has got to be deep in depth but not in width according mathematical equation; a formulae which Professor YOËL has done extensive works on. It's a study of "Micro-Rhythm". Professor YOËL, and his decade long discovery has been recognized by musicians in Sweden and recently in the UK, Europe and China. He can be held accountable for verifying the equation in micro details!

Mind-blowing @ Atomic level [conclusion]:

  • You simply can't have the groove without the pocket or vice versa. It cannot exist without one another, just like energy fields, no plus without minus, no man without woman, no day without night... very simple to grasp... no?

  • When the equilibrium of the atom is disturbed, then the energy fields of both (+) and (-) simply seize to exist. Thus the existence of the atom itself will no longer exist within the existence of itself. Back to no-thingness! No dimension... no time... no Gin & Tonic and no music either!

Groove Satisfactory Unit

The photo you see of myself on the left (taken in 2018), has been photoshopped, it has to be!

Now! if I could manipulate the picture of myself to make me look 20 years younger, then why wouldn't you? You gotta take your photo and shop it!


"Ahh... you so VAIN man!"

"Yeah? I carry a mirror in my pocket ya hear?... That! You oughtta know"

"You know? Ya gotta create a cyber reality for yourself... And it's time you get to do so."

"Hey! I carry a pocket in my mirror... err(or) what was it again?"


"Links to Tools & Tips for open source resources"

Crooked Palm Records
Royalty-free Audio-loops Downloads
URL: https://crookedpalmrecords.com/

3D Software free Downloads
Full-fledged 3D software
URL: https://www.blender.org

3D Texture Downloads
Tools & Tips
URL: https://www.poliigon.com/

3D Texture Downloads

URL: https://cc0textures.com/

Programmers quick references
Tools & Tips
URL: https://www.w3schools.com/

Open source Scripting language
Downloads & Documenttations
URL: https://www.php.net/

Open source Database
Downloads & Documentations
URL: https://www.mysql.com/

Open source Database
Downloads & Documentations
URL: https://mariadb.com/


"You gotta play it..."
Open for collaborations. Drop me an email!
eMail: sam.ruos@gsunit.com