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It's a presentation website where you'll find demos of my recent works as well as a repository of my previous works. It is a testing ground of web development and design.

Old school new

Every experienced designer learned from mistakes. "Less is more" is an old saying hence old school

Re-inventing old wheel?

Wheels are made to roll or to spin. That's what they do best. Or?

Click on object (move within viewport) with trails

Designed to:

Move automatically and complete its course with one left-click. By default, the object is moved following the path from previous example. With the exception of trails following behind.

Case study:

When moving diagonally, the object doesn't land exactly right on the corner without having to slide into position relating to x/y axes ie. it's sliding vertically into position (at least 1/2 of the object size).

I might need to play with pi/cos/sin... perhaps?


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3D Texture Downloads

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