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It's a presentation website where you'll find demos of my recent works as well as a repository of my previous works. It is a testing ground of web development and design. Thanks for dropping by!!!

Old school new

Every experienced designer learned from mistakes. Until you realised that "Less is more" from an old saying hence old school... What's NEW from the new school?

... When you've come to learn that, every new school is based on top of the foundation of the old ones. Imagine, "antimatter is matter?" then "minus is plus"... Isn't that wonderful?

Re-inventing old wheel?

Wheels are made to roll or to spin. That's what they do best. Or? Imagine a tree trunk. Cutters, then learned that, to roll the trunk is a lot easier than to drag it length-wise. That was before the invention of "pi". Check out The Flintstones!

Drag & drop with left mouse button held down

Designed to:

  • Click + hold left-mouse-button to grap the square object and move it anywhere within the viewport.
  • Release the mouse-button to drop the object within the viewport

Case study:

I haven't been able to work it out on touch screen devices just yet.

For example, tap (the screen) on the object, whilst leaving your tapping finger on the screen and move the object freely within the viewport.


"Links to Tools & Tips for open source resources"

Crooked Palm Records
Royalty-free Audio-loops Downloads
URL: https://crookedpalmrecords.com/

3D Software free Downloads
Full-fledged 3D software
URL: https://www.blender.org

3D Texture Downloads
Tools & Tips
URL: https://www.poliigon.com/

3D Texture Downloads

URL: https://cc0textures.com/

Programmers quick references
Tools & Tips
URL: https://www.w3schools.com/

Open source Scripting language
Downloads & Documenttations
URL: https://www.php.net/

Open source Database
Downloads & Documentations
URL: https://www.mysql.com/

Open source Database
Downloads & Documentations
URL: https://mariadb.com/


"You gotta play it..."
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